Audi R8

Description: Personal project using a premade model of the Audi R8 Car. The project consisted in generating a hyperrealistic render using mental ray materials, illumination and engine, resulting in a high quality image that resembles the original car. Additional photoshop touches where made here and there to improve illumination and contrast.

Work: Texturing - rendering in 3d studio

Client: Personal




Philips heater

Description: A verry cool 3d project done at my university. The task consisted in making a redesign of an older heater, and make it look modern, and functional again. This product had to be ready for sale so my profesor was verry demanding with the final quality of the device. You can see the final panel design for presentation on the graphic design section!.

Work: Modeling - texturing - rendering in 3d studio

Client: UBA FADU.




Samsung Galaxy S2

Description: This was a project that began a couple of months ago, my company needed a 3d model of the galaxy s2, and they asked me if I could do it. I Modeled it in 3d studio 2011 using poly tools and it was rendered using mental ray production shaders and illumination.

Work: Modeling - texturing - rendering in 3d studio

Client: Innovar group.




Colorfull Shapes

Description: This was a self project that began long time ago when I was experimenting with 3d studio. I decided to practice with some simple shapes such as spheres and squares, and render them with realistic mental ray glass shaders. Lots of fun!

Work: texturing - rendering in 3d studio

Client: Self Project.