About me
My name is Facundo Diaz, and I´m also known as Keepwalking07 on Deviantart. Im a 24 year Graphic Design student from Argentina and Im curently working as a web designer and administrator of several websites. Apart from web and Graphic Design I love art. I have been drawing scince I was verry little, the traditional art was my first style, and I experimented with many techniques including, pencil, achrilic, and pastels. Two years ago my atention turned to the digital art world. Inspired by talented artist such as Martin Mckenna, Ryan Church, and Dermot Power, I started developing skills at both photomanipulation, and recently painting and airbrushing.I am constantly making sci fi, and fantasy ilustrations, wich are my most favourite subjects, and Ive been seeking to portrait the most beautifull things from this world and my imagination. Science Fiction and Fantasy makes me think about wonderfull worlds in the future and also in the past, and keeps me wanting to explore even more those dimensions.
  Novus Aeterno l Game l 2011
Website & Forum

Children Of the Tower l Book l 2011
Series of Illustrations

Knights of Magic & machinery l Book l 2011
Book Cover

Full Tilt Convergence l Music Packl 2011
Cover illustration + dvd pack design

  Monolith Guardians l Game l 2010
Artwork comision (backgrownds, ships, menus)

Stu Marshal l Musician l 2009
Rights for CD Cover (Sirius B)

The Hizoku.com l Clothing design l 2008
T-shirt ilustration commission


Publishing & Recognitions


5 Daily Deviations.

Published in ImagineFX issue 65

Published in Digital Art Masters Vol 6


Published in 2D Artist magazine Issue 60

Published in Advanced Photoshop Issue 74


Programs / Languages

Photoshop, Ilustrator, flash, 3D Studio, Dreamweaver, Premier



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