• My name is Facundo Diaz, and I'm also known as Keepwalking07 on Deviantart. Im a 28 year Graphic Design student from Argentina and Im curently working as a web designer doing styling and front end developing for important companies such as Starbucks and P&G. Apart from web and Graphic Design I love art. I have been working with big companies such as Newgrounds and Groove Adicts, doing background illustrations, and dvd packaging, and also worked with lots of independent musicians, writers and producers, doing book and cd covers. I usually do sci-fi orientated themed artworks but I have also done fantasy and comic works in the past.

  • Published in Prime 2012
    Published in Digital Art Masters Vol 6
    Published in Clarkesworld Magazine #57
    Published in ImagineFX issue 65
    Published in 2D Artist magazine Issue 60
    Published in Advanced Photoshop Issue 74

  • 5 Daily Deviations on DeviantArt
    2012 Chesley Awards finalist for Best Magazine cover ("Off Road")
    Exposed on TRIMARCHI DG2013 as part of an exclusive selection of Argentinian Illustrators