Preservación del bosque nativo

Description:this was a university project back in 2010. the task consisted on making a comunicatinal and educatinal video using motion graphics. The main target of this prohect were elementary schools from my country. The style was free so I decided to make all the drawings and animations in a very childish and inocent way.

Work: Animation with after effects and flash

Client: UBA FADU





Description:This was such a big project for me. I came up with the idea of making this movie back in 2010 during July, and I just couldnt wait any longer to direct and animate this hole thing. Four months passed by and lots of effort where put to bring this story to life. This time I coun't with the talented voices of Christopher Niosi, and Jessi Nowack both acting as Chase and April respectively. And I must say it was great working with them,

Work: frame by frame animation Flash

Client: Self Project.




Din Media

Description: I was requested to make an introduction video to work as a panel for every single upload on my clients website, something like a presentation curtain. It was mandatory to include the Earth and his logo.

Work: animation in 3d studio - post work in After Effects

Client: Din Media.